Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications

Public Relations

  • Designing public announcements to address new products, promotions or addressing unfortunate events is something you must entrust only to a communication professional. The proper handling of these types of events will mean the difference between success and disaster.


  • If you desire customers to find you then you must advertise.  Advertising not only lets your prospect know you are there but it also will educate them to the features and benefits of your product or service.  We can expertly guide you in this very important area of your business.

Direct Mail

  • We believe this is still a vital component of the marketing process.  An expertly prepared postcard or letter is directed to the specific individual you desire to contact.  No longer will you wonder if that individual happened across your expensive print ad in the newspaper or business periodical.

Social Media

  • This has clearly become the advancing form of advertising in the advent of the information age.  This is something you must entrust to us as marketing professionals.  Forget considering that search engine positioning is the holy grail, targeting and segmentation are the major components to make this effectively work.

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