Marketing Strategy

Market Analysis

Existing Markets

  • Are your sales as robust as they should be? What in the market has changed and how can you capitalize on it?


  • How will you operationalize your new venture? What Strategies will you employ to be successful?

Distribution Channels

  • Is yours a brand new market or are you a brand new player in an existing market? The answer to these questions will determine which distribution channel will benefit you the most.

New Markets

  • Exciting and bold describes the business person who ventures into new markets.  We have successfully advised clients towards fortune in their new ventures and we will advise you too.

Consumer Behavior

  • Consumers are the most fickle individuals in the world.  Why does one customer love you  and another ignore you?  What is their interpretation of value, and how do we identify who will purchase from us again, and why?  I have spent years studying these very questions and have performed the market research that provides the answers.  Are you prepared to step up to a different level?


Sales Strategy

  • This is one of the most important questions based on your business design.  Is your company local or Nationwide? Do you physically have sales staff in all your territories?  Will you sell through distributors, resellers or sell directly to the end user? Will you tele market your product or use on ground sales personnel? We can provide expert direction and correctly guide you in the direction of prosperity

Sales Workshops

  • We design custom half day workshops to properly train your sales staff. 

Sales Seminars

  • We design custom full day seminars which will provide expert guidance in sales techniques as well as motivational training for your staff.

Targeting and Segmentation 

Identifying the key markets for your product or services

  • Now that you have developed (or as you develop) your idea who do you market to? And is there more than a single market?  We have acknowledged experts to guide you through this very important component of your marketing needs.

Focused Marketing Strategies

  • Properly focusing on the correct segment and target market allows you to specifically design your marketing message to that specific segment.  Think politics for a moment, the politician seems to have a specific message for each segment of their constituency ( Social security, jobs, individual freedoms, etc.) Focusing on what your prospect desires and matching it to your capabilities is the fastest way to making that sale.


Creating a brand 

  • Developing and maintaining a brand image is omnipotent to your long term fortunes. 

Market position

  • Your market position is where you currently are or where you will be when you launch.  This is not an arbitrary position but a deliberate one.  An example is a Bentley automobile.  The Bentley is positioned in the market where it is due to decisions made along the way in its quality and construction.  The appropriate marketing  and positioning followed.

Creating value

  • Customers buy value every time, never price.  Creating value in your product or service will ensure your greatest success.

Pricing Strategy

Determining your price 

  • This is determined by the quality of what goes into your product or service.  We have successfully assisted clients in determining their optimum price based on quality, overall costs and the market.


  • Your positioning will be determined once we create your selling price.


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