Sales and Sales Seminars

Sales and Sales Seminars Sales Strategy This is one of the most important questions based on your business design.  Is your company local or Nationwide? Do you physically have sales staff in all your territories?  Will you sell through distributors, resellers or sell directly to the end user? Will you tele market your product or… Read More

Magical Marketing

posted by Dr. Art Weinstein in Entrepreneurial Marketing |  Harry Houdini, born Ehrich Weiss in 1874, dazzled American and European audiences with spectacular magic and illusion feats until his death on Halloween, 1926. Adapting his name from his hero, J. E. Robert-Houdin, a French magician, Houdini quickly established himself as the top entertainer in the… Read More

Who leads you?

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” ― Heraclitus


“We need to run toward the challenges, not flee as if distance will save us. Isolationism has never proved to be a viable strategy for nations, organizations, or individuals. Philosophers may be happy on lofty mountain tops, but we sinners have to run the world.” Alan Weiss

Creating Value

My Article, “Value, satisfaction, loyalty and retention in professional services”, written along with Dr. Art Weinstein and Dr. Russell Abratt, has now been cited in at least 96 other scholarly publications per Google Scholar.