February 2016; Terrorism in The US

I just finished a ASIS (www.asisonline.org) three day Training Conference in Tampa, “Security Summit: International and Domestic Threats and Solutions” . A Fantastic workshops dealing with scenarios such as active shooters in the workplace, threats to civil aviation, cyber crimes, and behavioral recognition. Additionally, we heard from speakers from Homeland Security as well as the… Read More

Magical Marketing

posted by Dr. Art Weinstein in Entrepreneurial Marketing |  Harry Houdini, born Ehrich Weiss in 1874, dazzled American and European audiences with spectacular magic and illusion feats until his death on Halloween, 1926. Adapting his name from his hero, J. E. Robert-Houdin, a French magician, Houdini quickly established himself as the top entertainer in the… Read More

Paris France

The devastation suffered in Paris yesterday is unspeakable.  Things we normally do have become riddled with danger where none previously existed.   Making sure you have security or your security is up to the task before crisis strikes is vitally important to you and your company.  We have experts available for consult, contact us for… Read More