Security Consulting and Risk Management

Protecting your company’s assets will mean the difference between leading your industry or a catastrophic implosion. Terrorism, corporate espionage, a bad hire or even random crime can strike at any time and turn your world upside down. So I ask you, are your company’s security procedures up-to-date? What are your vulnerabilities, physical, human or electronic?   Has the competition found out things about your company that should be secret?  When was the last time a physical security survey/review was conducted at your location by a trained expert? Could you pass the test today?

The Tampa Consulting Group has experienced and Internationally Accredited Security Consultants (CPP) available to assist you in securing your company’s assets and protecting your brand and future. If you wait until catastrophe strikes, well, we can tell you how you should have prevented it. Contact us and protect your company’s brand and  assets from disaster. How much risk is too much risk?

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